Whistleblower protection is at Hotel Atlantis, a.s. introduced in accordance with by Act No. 171/2023 Coll., on the protection of whistleblowers (hereinafter referred to as "the Act"). On the basis of the Act, an internal reporting system ("VOS") was established, through which whistleblowers have the opportunity to draw attention to a possible illegal act that has the characteristics of a criminal offense the act, misdemeanor or otherwise violates the legal regulation or regulation of the European Union, about which it is committed the whistleblower learned in connection with work or another similar activity. The notice contains information about a possible illegal act that has occurred or is expected to occur at Hotel Atlantis, a.s., for which the informant, even if indirectly, performed or is performing work or another similar activity, or with which the whistleblower was or is in contact in connection with the performance of work or other similar activities.

Work or other similar activity means:

  • dependent work performed in a basic employment relationship,
  • selfemployment,
  • exercise of rights associated with participation in a legal entity,
  • performing the function of a member of a body of a legal entity who is elected, appointed or otherwise appointed (so-called "elected body"),
  • professional practice, internship, or
  • performance of rights and obligations arising from the contract, the subject of which is provision supplies, services, construction works or other similar performance.


A whistleblower can only be a natural person who should act in the public interest and for good the belief that the notification submitted is based on credible facts and circumstances. The whistleblower is entitled to protection under the law if he had reasonable grounds to believe that that the notified information about the violation was true at the time of notification (i.e. the notifier may not notification knowingly false) that this information fell within the scope of the law and if he filed at the same time the notifier of the notification via VOS, an external notification system, by publication or through another competent public authority. For the main protective measure can be considered a ban on the application of retaliatory measures against the whistleblower and other individuals and legal entities persons (e.g. colleagues, assistants of the whistleblower, persons close to the whistleblower, legal persons whose companion is the informant, etc.).

The areas to which the reported infringement must relate are:

  • awarding public contracts;
  • financial services, products and markets and the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing;
  • product safety and compliance;
  • traffic safety;
  • environmental Protection;
  • radiation protection and nuclear safety;
  • food and feed safety, animal health and welfare;
  • public health;
  • consumer protection
  • protection of privacy and personal data and security of networks and information systems.


Relevant persons authorized to receive and investigate notifications: Alena Došková, contact: doskova.a@hotel-atlantis.cz

Possibilities for submitting a notification through Hotel Atlantis, a.s.:

  • in writing to the address Hotel Atlantis, a.s., Brána 177, 664 34, Rozdrojovice (can be sent by mail or deliver in person to the reception at this address), put the text on the envelope: "Do not open – only to the hands of Jan Pařížek/Alena Došková"
  • orally - by phone - on 546 419 008, a record will be made of the call
  • in person – by arranging a meeting with the relevant person, a report will be made about the course of the meeting record


Notification processing procedure

The competent person shall confirm the receipt of the notification no later than seven days from its receipt and the notifier report on the processing of the notification within thirty days of receipt of the notification; this period can be extended by up to 30 days in factually and legally complex cases. If the notification is evaluated as justified, the relevant person to the obliged entity (company) proposes measures to prevent or correct an illegal situation.


Information on the processing of personal data

 If the notifier provides his personal data in the notification, Hotel Atlantis, a.s. as an administrator process data, as it is necessary to investigate the notification (to fulfill a legal obligation that applies to administrators according to the Act). The processing period is 5 years from the date of receipt of the notification. The administrator will not transfer the data to another person. Basic rights of the data subject (reporter), as well as data on the administrator a contact details for the personal data protection officer can be found here: www.hotel-atlantis.cz

At the same time, the relevant person is obliged to keep an electronic record of data on received notifications through the internal notification system, to the extent of:

  • the date of receipt of the notification,
  • name, surname, date of birth and contact address of the informant, or other data, z to which it is possible to infer the identity of the informant, if these data are known to them,
  • a summary of the content of the notification and the identification of the person against whom the notification was directed, if any her identity known
  • the date of completion of the assessment of the reasonableness of the notification by the relevant person or authorized representative employee and their result.
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