Massages and procedures

The miraculous hands of our masseurs and the unique effects of seaweed oils

Give yourself over to touches that will relax your body and mind and induce a state of overall harmony of body and soul.


We use natural aromatic oils from seaweed by Scandsea Care. Behind them stands marine biologist and professional diver Kateřina Bengtsson Kupčík, who personally collects seaweed beneath the sea surface in Sweden. You can look forward to their unique anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and healing effects, which also significantly fight against skin aging. Enjoy this completely natural cosmetics, which contains no parabens, silicones, or other synthetic preservatives.


Relaxation Massage

A pleasant soothing massage that will relax your muscles, eliminate stiffness caused by stress, and induce a state of the overall harmony of body and soul.
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Relaxation Massage with Warm Wrap

The harmonious combination of a full-body massage and a warming body wrap promotes detoxification and moisturizes the skin.
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Hot Lava Stones Massage

An exceptional relaxation experience that deeply warms your body. The heated lava stones release tension and relieve back and neck pain.
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Regenerative Massage

The regenerative massage is suitable for recovery after increased physical activity, it alleviates muscle pain and stiffness and benefits the joints.
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Foot Massage

The luxurious foot massage stimulates reflex points, has a beneficial effect on the entire body, and provides moments of relaxation after a long day.
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Head and Neck Massage

Head, neck, and shoulder massage brings pleasant relief from muscle tension and blockages in the cervical spine area, which many of us suffer from due to our sedentary jobs.
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Facial Massage

Want to feel and look a few years younger in just half an hour? Try a facial massage that improves blood circulation and elasticity of all facial muscles, thus slowing down skin aging and wrinkle formation.
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Aroma Massage

Immerse yourself in the aromatherapeutic effects of aromatherapeutic essences that lift your spirit, and positively affect overall health.
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Full Body Scrub with Wrap

Truly intensive full-body treatment that will make you feel like you've been reborn!
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Full Body Scrub

A beautifying experience that will make your skin glow!
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Customized Massage

Customized massage tailored to your specific needs is composed of multiple techniques based on your preferences, current mental state, and health condition.
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We recommend our guests book the selected massage/procedure at least 3 days before the planned stay.

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