Sauna Ceremonies


Sauna Ceremonies

Every day (1.7.-31.12.2024)

  • 5:30 PM
  • 6:30 PM
  • 8:00 PM

Body Peeling in Steam Room

Every day (1.7.-31.12.2024)

  • 7:15 PM

Music Therapy in Tepidarium

New September dates coming soon.

A unique sauna experience

What to expect at the sauna ceremony?

The sauna master welcomes participants, introduces themselves, and informs them about the theme of the ceremony, its procedure, and its duration. They also mention what participants should do even after sauna bathing. The sauna master ensures that everything proceeds as pleasantly and friendly as possible.


During the sauna ceremony, the sauna master may use various aromatic essences and scents soundscapes, and lighting effects. During the ceremony, effective and essential "towel waving" is performed by the sauna master, who circulates the air around the hot stones and directs it towards the participants. This creates bursts of hot air, intensifying the sauna experience. If the sauna master pours aromatic essences onto the stones, they distribute this scent throughout the sauna by waving the air.


The ceremony lasts approximately 10-15 minutes.


Sauna ceremonies are held according to a schedule (changes in days and times are reserved) and are included in the wellness entry fee.

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