Sports Activities in Atlantis Hotel

Relax and stay active!

Outdoor Swimming Pool

In the hotel garden, there is a swimming pool measuring 12x19 meters with a depth of 1.4 meters. By the pool, there is a children's paddling pool with a depth of 0.4 meters. Entry to the pool is for our guests free.


Tenis Courts

Let! 's play a game of tennis with your loved ones or business partners. Tennis rackets are available for rent at the reception.


Workout and Basketball Playing Area

Lovers of exercise and team sports will benefit from the workout area and basketball courts in our hotel garden.


Rent a Bike!

Ask for a bicycle at the hotel reception and go out to discover the beauty of the surroundings of the Brno dam. You can see and experience much more on a bike than on foot!



Go cycling while staying at the ATLANTIS hotel


Adult bike               250/person/day

Kids bike                 150/person/day

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