Sauna world

Temperature: 60°C, Humidity: 15%

Salt Sauna

Salt inhalation accelerates regeneration of the body after sports exhaustion or stress, has a beneficial effect on airways, alleviates asthma and supports detoxification.

temperature: 35°C, humidity: 30%


A Tepidarium is a heated room that benefits from “thermal therapy” effects. This method is focused on warming up the body and relaxing the whole organism. It is actually a pleasant and gentle sauna. 

temperature: 40°C, humidity:100%

Steam Sauna

Steam is known for its positive effects on skin and airways. It helps to clean pores and after the sauna, the skin is soft and velvety. Steam enriched with etheric oil increases sauna effects.

temperature: 90°C, humidity 10%

Finnish Sauna

A Finnish sauna with views over the lake and relaxation garden which will give you a feeling of peace, quiet and relaxation. The Finnish sauna is characterized by its high temperature and low humidity. Sauna facilities are enhanced for you with wooden interiors and delicate fragrant essences of nature.

temperature: 50°C, humidity:30%

Herbal Sauna

This classic sauna is enriched with the use of fragrant oils or vapors from medicinal herbs. This sauna maintains a relatively low temperature and humidity, therefore, it is suitable for people who have difficulty breathing in saunas. Essences also help to prevent respiratory diseases.

temperature 90°C, humidity 10%

Ceremonial Sauna

Up until 3pm, the sauna temperature is adjusted to 60 °C so it is also suitable for children. Then the temperature rises and then there are ceremonies with a sauna master, focused on the relaxation of body and soul.

cooling zones

Cooling Bucket

This represents a simple yet very efficient cooling method. Just pull the rope for immediate effect. The bucket is intended for one-time cooling during the break between sauna cycles.


Ice Fountain

Jumping into ice-cold water can be too radical for some of us. So try one of the gentlest ways to cool off, the ice fountain. It is filled with crushed ice which will cool you in the right places.


Experience Shower

Ideally used after warming up your body in the sauna. They consist of massage jets that provide streams of hot and cold water. Tropical rain, icy mist or a torrential water stream guarantee a unique experience.


Cooling River

Another effective cooling method is the possibility of swimming to the outdoor open-air wellness part.


Cooling Pool

An essential part of the relaxation procedure after a sauna allowing perfect cooling.