Hotel Atlantis


11. 7. 2024

It strengthens immunity, cares for the skin, relaxes the mind. Much has already been written about the beneficial effects of saunas. We bring you a tip on how to make your stay in the ATLANTIS wellness center even more pleasant and combine it with another non-traditional experience. Have a traditional Czech sausage called ŠPEKÁČEK IN A BATHROBE. ……no, we really don’t dress sausages in a bathrobe…..YOU will wear it….


And how does it all go?

  • At the Fresh bar, buy a ŠPEKÁČEK and pick up a roasting fork.
  • Head with it to the fire pit, which is practically on the surface of the cooling pond. You can You can reach the fire pit by following the bridge in front of the ceremonial sauna. 
  • Sit back and enjoy a unique experience in close connection with fire and waater.
  • Take a rosting fork, stick a skewer and roast over the fire.
  • Savor, enjoy, relax, rest, pamper yourself.....come again!



The ŠPAKÁČEK from our Fresh bar will be ready for roasting with mustard and pastry. You can roast every day, always during sauna ceremonies from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. whenever the weather permits.


Do you prefer something sweet? Roast Marshmallows. Ask for them at the Fresh wellness bar.


Come and try ŠPEKÁČEK in a bathrobe at Wellness ATLANTIS!

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