Hotel Atlantis

MAY - sauna time

22. 4. 2024

Wondering what to do with May 1st and 8th off? Come spend them this year at Wellness Atlantis! Whether you are a long-term fan of saunas or have only heard about these beneficial procedures, you will definitely not be bored. Extensive program of both days will be marked by romantic May-themed sauna sessions. And an added bonus - we'll take care of your little superheroes.


1st of May– sauna time. Sauna ceremonies will take place all afternoon under the baton of sauna masters, whom you are used to meeting at Wellness Atlantis.


The day of the victory celebration - on May 8, you will then finish off perfectly by participating in one of the ceremonies of guest professional sanuamasters Martin and Terka, who will enchant you with their original spring-themed performances.


Put your children in our hands. On both non-working days, a program will be prepared for children in the form of a Superhero Challenge. Children will explore the extensive garden or children's playroom. We will entertain your children between 2 and 6 p.m. so that you can enjoy undisturbed relaxation in the wellness area. The program is suitable for little heroes aged 7-12 years. Our lecturers can occupy 12-15 of them. Reserve a place for your child as soon as possible by phone at the Atlantis wellness reception. A child can enter for 100 CZK when purchasing an adult ticket to the wellness for 4 hours.


You do not need to deal with special tickets for sauna ceremonies. You get everything for the price of regular admission. But if you want the best seats in the ceremonial sauna, you can buy priority tickets for CZK 50 on the day of the event.


Come and relax at the Atlantis wellness center on Wednesdays, May 1 and 8!

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