Hotel Atlantis


22. 5. 2024

Hotel ATLANTIS can be found in a beautiful environment near the Brno Reservoir. And now it's even closer to nature!


A gentle approach to the environment is a matter of course for us. We responsibly deal with all issues of sustainability, so we are proficient in the long-term, for example, in careful sorting of waste, optimization of the use of raw materials and fuels, cooperation with local suppliers, or in ecological cleaning. 


We are now producing a lot of clean energy from the sun, which you can also use if you arrive at Hotel ATLANTIS by electric car. You can recharge your car battery at one of our 6 stations located near the hotel reception. Charging stations are self-service. And because we value our customers, we offer recharging at a favorable tariff of CZK 6/kWh. You can easily pay by card or use the ejoin GO application.


Come and draw energy from nature at Hotel ATLANTIS!

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