Experience the magic of seaweed… Try a massage in the Atlantis Hotel resort!

6. 3. 2024

Behind the beneficial effects of massages, you can enjoy at our hotel complex lies not only the skillful hands of our massage therapists but also the natural aroma oils from seaweed that we use during massages. Behind their production stands marine biologist, professional diver, and Czech native Kateřina Bengtsson Kupčík, who personally collects seaweed in the Atlantic Ocean in Sweden. How did Kateřina get into natural cosmetics production? And what makes seaweed unique in skincare?



Seaweed on the Plate Was Just the Beginning


Kateřina has roots in Moravia, but her work has taken her to the southern hemisphere of the world. For many years, she worked as a diver and marine biologist on coral projects in Australia and Indonesia. However, together with her family, she decided to settle in Sweden, where in 2016 she founded the Scandinavian Seaweed Company. “We wanted to collect seaweed while diving and sell it as a superfood and a unique source of umami flavour to the best restaurants across Europe,” describes Kateřina her original business plan. And it worked out for her! Today, her company supplies seaweed, handpicked in the purest waters of the northern Atlantic Ocean, to Michelin-starred restaurants from Sweden through Monaco to Hong Kong.



Cosmetics from the stove


Kateřina was not afraid to take seaweed further than just onto the plates of luxury restaurants. “From the beginning, I realized that the unique properties of seaweed could be excellently utilized in skincare. Seaweed, in the right combination, has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, hydrating, and healing properties. The substances contained in them support the body's production of elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid and contribute to slowing down skin aging. Fucoidans and alginates from the cell walls of seaweed also create the right environment for cell renewal,” explains the marine biologist.


The journey to the natural range of body cosmetics Scandsea Care began at her home on the stove. “I experimented with various ingredients, procedures, and methods of seaweed extraction and compared my findings with the latest scientific studies,” she recalls the experimental beginnings. She tested natural cosmetics on herself and also on her children. “My normally extremely sensitive skin was the first indicator to me that seaweed is unique. Its composition resembles human plasma, so it naturally penetrates the skin, where it has a long-lasting hydrating effect,” describes Kateřina.



From Sweden to Moravia


Kateřina moved the production of Scandsea Care to the Moravian company Green Idea, which specializes in natural cosmetics. Today, she has the first range of natural cosmetics with seaweed on the market – a face serum and four types of body oils. “They are based on almond oil and apricot kernel oil and contain combinations of essential oils, which serve not only as natural preservatives and non-irritating perfume, but they enhance the effects of seaweed themselves,” describes the natural cosmetics manufacturer.


And when we say natural, you don't have to worry that it's greenwashing, a practice common among big brands today. “In our serums and oils, you won't find any petroleum derivatives, parabens, silicones, synthetic perfumes, or palm oil. All preservatives are of natural origin in the form of essential oils," says Kupčík.



Are you enticed by the effects of handpicked seaweed in unique natural cosmetics?

Try them out and book one of our amazing massages!

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