Make your Easter unconventional at the ATLANTIS wellness center!

12. 3. 2024

We are coming with an EXTENSIVE PROGRAM for the EASTER WEEKEND, packed with sauna experiences. There is something for everyone – guests who are staying and those who are not staying in the hotel.


For lovers of sauna ceremonies, sauna masters will be prepared in the Ceremonial Sauna a total of 8 times. Each day will conclude with a “All sauna masters Ceremony” at 8:30 p.m. In the Finnish sauna, you will enjoy fragrant herbal procedures in the early evening.

Do you like Pear in Love or Strawberry with Sugar? No, this is not a special Easter offer of refreshments in our fresh bar, but a themed peeling procedures that takes place 6 times in the steam sauna! Choose from our menu.


The combination of intensive sauna and pleasant music relaxation in the Tepidarium will make you a new person, and you will leave our wellness area rested and full of new energy.


There is no need to buy special tickets. You can enjoy it all for the price of a regular entrance fee. However, if you want to secure your place for any of the procedures, you can buy a place at the wellness reception on the day of the event.


Consider waking up pleasantly rested on Easter Monday in one of our hotel rooms. Make a reservation ASAP!

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