Peeling cup Bešeňová - You Kept your fingers crossed for our great sauna masters

19. 3. 2024

On Saturday 23 March 2024, the sixth year of one of the biggest sauna events – Peeling cup Bešeňová took place. At the special event in Harmónia wellness & spa Bešeňová, Wellness ATLANTIS also had a strong presence in the international competition of sauna masters.


Peeling cup was a unique wellness event in Slovakia, in which there was a competition for the title of champion in peeling procedures. In the first part of the program, the contestants prepared a themed scrub for the legs, body, face and hair using only natural ingredients. The peeling procedures themselves and the show under the baton of individual sauna masters were the content of the second part of the program.


You kept your fingers crossed for our great sauna masters! Prokop Štěpánek is the current holder of the "Talent of the Year 2023" title from the Sauna Fest 2023 in Aquapalace Prague. He was assisted by Kamila Zlatušková - a competitor from the Sauna Fest.


Competition peelings and shows were evaluated by a 6-member jury, made up of experts from 4 European countries. And Hotel ATLANTIS had its presence here as well. Our Sales manager - Saskia Peslarová was a member of the jury.


You meet sauna masters Prokop and Kamila at Wellness ATLANTIS during sauna ceremonies every Wednesday and Friday.


Come and discover the new charms of peeling procedures, which these two professionals have enriched their repertoire after to the competition. 

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