Hotel Atlantis

Beneficial WHISKING in Wellness ATLANTIS

14. 6. 2024

Whisking is an experiential procedure not only for sauna connoisseurs. Pure natural aromatherapy, massage, strengthening of immunity and refreshment in one, will perfectly relax the whole body and mind. The Saunamaster must respect the rules of the procedure. It uses bundles of twigs that cannot be from any plant. They may only be harvested at times when they contain the most energy.


The homeland of whisking is Finland and also Russia. It is increasingly popular in the Czech Republic. You can also experience whisking in the ATLANTIS wellness center in our Nordic banya. Our certified sauna masters will take care of you. Since the beginning of June, we have been proud holders of an internationally valid certificate from the ČESKÁ BANYA ASSOCIATION. 


In our rich offer of stay packages, you can now find a Wellness stay with a whisk herbal treatment. You can find more information about whisking HERE. Our wellness reception +420 546 419 011 will tell you about the dates of the procedures at Wellness ATLANTIS. 


Come and experience whisking at Wellness ATLANTIS!

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