Hotel Atlantis


10. 7. 2024

We’re on the wave of holiday cheer. As one of the few hotels, ATLANTIS has a large outdoor swimming pool, surrounded by pure nature. On hot summer days, you can enjoy pleasant refreshment here in undisturbed peace. From the pool there is a wonderful view of the valley of the Brno Reservoir and the forests of the Holedná nature reserve.


And directly from the pool you will have a view of our newly expanded Pool Bar. We now also have facilities for grilled specialties. Come and taste the summer menu, prepared by chef Jakub Fusek. He also thought of the little diners who, after frolicking in the wading pool, would appreciate a Mini Burger or a Hot dog, for example. We grill whenever the weather permits from 1 to 6 p.m.


You can access the pool after paying the normal entrance fee to the wellness center. It’s up to you whether you first visit several local saunas or head straight to the outdoor part of the complex.


Don’t like to roll around on a sun lounger? Just behind the pool, you can play outdoor chess, skittles of football. Or book the tennis court. Rackets with balls are available at the wellness reception.


Summer on ATLANTIS is full of colors and flavors. Come and be pampered. You’ll have so much fun you won’t want to leave!

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