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Our philosophy

Is your satisfaction


An outdoor wedding ceremony, wedding reception, barbecue, entertainment, guest accommodations and hassle-free parking – all in one place!
That is a wedding at Hotel Atlantis


If you get all the way to here, you are really serious about the wedding. We wish to congratulate you to and are very pleased for you.  In the beginning of your journey together we will try to give you the best memories and experiences.


We draw from our more than 10-year of experience with weddings
We are with you in the planning from the very beginning
We will create an offer according to your wishes
We cannot guarantee good weather for the occasion but can offer a beautiful environment, friendly service and excellent food
We are all keen to ensure that you will take home only the best of memories
We look forward to seeing you!


The Wedding Ceremony
In the garden of the hotel under the cherry trees
The ceremony is provided by the Kuřim Registrar
The decorations will be taken care of by our partners from wedding agencies
Unlimited capacity for the wedding guests


The Wedding Banquet
The ATLANTIS Restaurant
Capacity 50 – 90 guests (according to the arrangement of tables)
U-shaped table arrangement (or round tables in cooperation with partners)
Air conditioning
Dancing area
Non-smoking area
An option to celebrate into the small hours (02:00)
Catering of the hotel (own confectionery and the wedding cake is a matter of course)


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The Payment
The approximate costs of the arrangement of a weddings at the Atlantis hotel move at around CZK1,500 per person
We charge CZK10,000 for rental
The rental price includes a wedding room for 1 night, the Atlantis restaurant from 10:00 to 02:00 and the garden facility for the ceremony itself
We require a booking deposit of CZK10,000
The payment of the wedding reception may be done in cash or payment card upon departure from the hotel


How much does a wedding here cost?
– The average expenditure per one wedding guest is around CZK1,500

Can we bring our own wine?
– Yes, this is possible. A condition of bringing your own wine the proof of packaging, content and origin of the wine and the payment of bottling. (Packaged in glass, 0.75 l content, the bottle must bear the label with details of the variety and the vintner.)

Can we bring our own plum brandy or other alcoholic drinks?
– No.

Which particular items can we provide ourselves?
– Wine (see packaging/labelling particulars above), decorations, pastries and the wedding cake, music and flowers.

We can have round tables?
– Yes, we can provide these for you in cooperation with a wedding agency.

Can we have fireworks at your premises?

– Yes, this is possible. The condition is that of having a certified firework specialist, to ensure fire prevention patrols, request of permission at the municipal office in Rozdrojovice, request of permission of the local fire station and the police station. All stamped statements of approval of the above institutions will be required. The fireworks must be terminated by 22:00 hours. Launching domestic fireworks by own means is not possible.

Can we release the balloons of happiness at your premises?
– The hotel reserves a right to forbid the release of balloons on the basis of current weather conditions.

Up to what time can the celebrations last, to what time can the music play, by what time do we have to end?
– You can use the Atlantis restaurant until 02:00.

We can use the swimming pool?
– Yes.

Will our party be the only one at the hotel?
– We can’t promise you that.