Experience a stay full of rest and relaxation! Experiential wellness with a vast sauna world and a unique atmosphere will enhance your stay among the sauna treatments. At the fresh bar or the Water bar, you can enjoy a refreshing drink straight from the relaxing pool.


Sauna World and swimming pools


Ceremonial sauna


  • Large Finnish sauna with a lovely view of the garden and the outdoor seating area in the middle of the pond. Regular sauna ceremonials are held here to make your stay in the sauna more enjoyable, aimed at relaxing the body and spirit.
  • Sauna ceremonies are held every Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at 17:30, 18:30, 19:15, and 20:00 (days and times subject to change).
  • Sauna ceremonies are included in the price of basic admission.

We reserve 15 minutes before the ceremony to set up the sauna and 5 minutes after to clean up.

What does the sauna ceremonial session look like?

The sauna master welcomes the guests, introduces himself/herself, and tells them what the sauna ceremonial theme will be, how the ceremony goes, and how long the session takes. He/she will also mention the rules to be followed in the sauna and the steps to be taken after the sauna. He/she makes sure that everything is as pleasant and friendly as possible. If the sauna master has chosen scented essences and sauna cosmetics for the sauna ceremony, the master mentions which specific scents they will be. Depending on the focus of the sauna ceremony, the sauna master also selects other cosmetics and aromatherapy for the sauna and may prepare a salt scrub or herbal scrub to rub on the body during the session. The ceremony lasts approximately 10-15 minutes.

During the sauna, the sauna master can also use various sound scenery, light effects, and serve refreshments. During the sauna ceremonial, it is effective and necessary to 'wave the towel', where the sauna practitioner can swirl the air several times while sauna bathing by waving the towel around the hot stove, stirring up the hot air in the sauna and directing it according to the direction of the waving, for example towards the sauna guests. This creates gusts of hot air that intensify the sauna and sweating. If the sauna master pours scented essences on the stones, he or she "distributes" the scent throughout the sauna by swirling the air.

Salt sauna


Salt inhalation accelerates the regeneration of the body after exercise or stress, has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, relieves asthma, and supports detoxification.



The Tepidarium is a heated room that uses the effects of "thermotherapy". This method is aimed at warming up the body and relaxing the whole organism. A pleasant and mild sauna experience is provided.

Steam sauna


Steam is known for its positive effect on the skin and respiratory system. It helps to cleanse the pores and leaves the skin soft and smooth. The steam enriched with essential oils increases the effectiveness of the sauna.

Finnish sauna


This is a Finnish sauna overlooking the water surface of the pond and relaxation garden, which will give you a feeling of silence, peace, and relaxation. The Finnish sauna is characterized by its high temperature and low humidity.  The wooden interior and the subtle fragrant essences of nature will make your sauna experience more pleasant.


Cooling bucket

A simple but very effective way to cool down. Just pull the rope and the effect comes instantly. The bucket is designed for one-time cooling, during a break between sauna cycles.

Ice fountain

Jumping into ice water is too radical for some. So, try one of the mildest ways to cool down, the ice fountain. This is filled with ice chips to cool you down in all the right places.

Experience shower

The ideal use is after warming up your body in the sauna. It consists of massage jets that provide streams of hot and cold water. Tropical rain, icy mist, or torrential water jets guarantee a unique experience.

A cooling river

Further effective cooling with the possibility of floating into the outdoor, unroofed part of the spa.

Cooling pool

An essential part of the relaxation treatments after the sauna, it allows perfect cooling down.


Outdoor natural cooling that is part of the pond. It intensely cools and creates a feeling of refreshment after the heat of the sauna.


Relaxation pool with bar

A whirlpool relaxation pool with a relaxation area with sun loungers, overlooking the outdoor pond and relaxation garden. In the water bar, you can order a variety of drinks from our selection.


The outdoor hot tub for up to 8 people is located in the relaxation garden next to the pond overlooking the waterfall. Using bubble jets to massage every muscle, it will ensure perfect relaxation.

Outdoor swimming pool

Unheated swimming pool 12 x 19 m long and 1.4 m deep. There is a children's paddling pool with a depth of 0.4 m. There is also a bar, sun terrace, sun loungers, parasols, and an outdoor shower. Opening period: June - September.



Silent relaxation lounge and fresh bar

Spacious relaxation room with sun loungers and seating, views of the pond, and relaxing music. Wooden motifs and moss decorations add to the pleasant atmosphere. In the fresh bar, you can relax with a drink in hand or order something good to eat.

Relaxation garden

From the sauna world, a wooden jetty leads to a pond with a waterfall and a fireplace, which is connected to the relaxation garden. We are gradually building and expanding the garden with new relaxation areas, outdoor seating, and more.


An outdoor natural pond with a waterfall that completes the atmosphere for perfect relaxation.