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Collagen solarium

Tanning and rejuvenation effect

The collagen tanning bed is perfect for discerning clients who want to enjoy a particularly soft tan, velvety skin, and glowing complexion. The collagenarium combines gentle UV light and red collagen light. Thanks to this unique combination, a beautiful and natural tan is achieved despite a significantly lower dose of UV light.

The collagen solarium offers two effects. Thanks to the collagen tubes, you will give your skin and body a luxurious experience of rejuvenation and firming of the skin all over your body. The collagen treatment combats the causes of aging in a natural way for the body. It stimulates your own collagen and elastin production, which naturally decreases with age. Increased collagen production results in the reduction of fine lines, scars, and skin tightening. The skin is detoxified, and its ability to absorb and retain water is increased, so the skin will also be hydrated. The second effect is to get a tan thanks to the solar tubes. 
The collagen tanning bed also warms the joints and ligaments, improving their elasticity and mobility. As it is not only applied to the face but to the whole body, it works to improve cellulite.

Skin type

Our collagen tanning bed is a bit gentler than a regular one, which is why it is suitable not only for clients with fair skin but also for those who do not tan well. It is still good to know what type is your skin before tanning, as each type has an individual sensitivity to UV rays and according to your skin type the tanning time shall be adjusted. Remember, the lighter your skin is, the less time you can be exposed to UV rays unprotected.