Trip recommendations – on foot

On foot

To the port (3 km)

short and easy hike from our hotel to Sokolské koupaliště at the Brno Reservoir and then along the reservoir all the way to the port, crossing the dam along the way.

To get back to the hotel just follow the same route or take a boat to the stop "Sokolské koupaliště".

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To the zoo (4 km)

In order to get to the zoo, head for the dam of the Brno Reservoir and then walk down the long stairs leading to the Svratka River. From there, it is a very pleasant walk all the way to the gate of the zoo. It is truly worth seeing.

To get back you can take the local bus number 302 with a stop directly in front of our hotel ("Rekreační středisko"), or you can follow its route on foot via Kníničky borough.

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Zoo Brno

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To the Veveří castle (8 km)

This is a nice half-day hike along the Brno Reservoir. Some of the paths are paved and comfy, some are just gravel (follow the trail). Veveří is one of the largest medieval castles in the Czech Republic. During summer is hosts a variety of cultural events and food festivals.

The boat has a stop nearly at the foot of the castle, or you can take the same hiking trails back to the hotel.

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Veveří castle

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"Tři kříže" pilgrimage site (9 km)

A slightly more challenging hike via Rozdrojovice to the local game preserve where you can see fallow deer or mouflons. Then follow the trail to a pilgrim site where a wooden chapel stood which is attributed to the origins of Christianity in the region.

Should you fancy a longer hike, follow the Way of the Cross all the way to Chudčice.

To get back to the hotel you can hop on the boat in Veverská Bítýška or follow the yellow trail along the left bank of the reservoir.

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