Trip recommendations – by bike

By bike

Baba reserve (21 km)

Easy half-day biking trip through the Baba reserve, all the way to its highest point Velká Baba. You will climb and descend more often on winding roads and paths through forests.

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To Helenčina studánka a back via the Brno Reservoir (22 km)

This is a very scenic ride on asphalt and grave roads. From the hotel to the reservoir, then to the dam, via the port and Rakovec and up the hill to Ríšova studánka and Helenčina studánka (studánka = spring well). From there, there is a forest road to the Veveří Castle, across the bridge and then back to the hotel.

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Bílý potok valley to Šmelcovna (39 km)

A longer all-day biking trip through the valley of Bílý potok with the famous watering hole named "Šmelcovna" at the end of the valley.

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