90 minutes

Relaxation massage

A pleasant soothing massage that relaxes the muscles, relieves stiffness caused by stress and induces a state of total harmony of body and mind. Relaxing massage involves the applying natural aroma oils, which contribute to the pleasant enjoyment of the massage, to the regeneration of the body and to the blood circulation of the skin. The oxygen supply to the cells is improved and the signs of ageing are reduced.

90 minutes

Relaxing massage with a heated wrap

The harmonious combination of a full body massage and a warm wrap will restore your vital energy. The massage helps to flush toxins from the body, improves blood and body fluid circulation. The heated body wrap will promote detoxification, soften the skin and enrich it with nutrients. Enjoy a luxurious experience with all your senses!

45 minutes / 60 minutes

Regenerative massage

Regenerative massage is suitable for recovering the body before or after increased physical activity (e.g. gardening, more demanding sports activity), but also during prolonged unilateral activity (driving, sedentary work or long standing at work). Massage relieves simple muscle pain and stiffness. Regenerative massage also benefits the joints through blood circulation and rebalancing of muscles.

45 minutes

Reflexology foot massage

A reflexology foot massage provides a special moment for relaxation after a hard day. This massage positively affects the whole body since there are a large number of reflective points located in the feet and every point corresponds with a certain organ or body part. During the massage, thumb and forefinger pressure is applied to respective reflexology points to relax problematic areas and calm the whole body.

30 minutes

Anti-migraine massage

A therapy directly designed to eliminate headaches. During the massage the neck muscles, head and shoulders are thoroughly relaxed. By acting on acupressure points, pain is relieved, mood is improved, fatigue is reduced and the nervous system is balanced. 

30 minutes / 45 minutes / 60 minutes / 90 minutes

Individual customized massage

A specially designed therapeutic massage, which is composed of several techniques based on the client's current state of mind and health.

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