90 minutes

Relaxation Massage

A relaxation massage, as its name suggests, is designed for relaxation, rest and overall calming of the body. It is a pleasant soothing massage that relaxes muscles, eliminates stiffness caused by stress and tension, and induces a state of overall harmony of body and soul. The massage is performed with natural aroma oils that not only intensify the massage experience but also help to regenerate the body, promote blood circulation to the skin and thus improve the oxygen supply to these tissues, and slows down aging. Its regular application strengthens the body and stimulates its immunity system.

45 minutes / 90 minutes

Regeneration Massage

The regeneration massage is suitable before and after increased physical performance such as gardening, more demanding sports activities, but also in long-term unilateral activities such as driving a car, a sedentary job or standing for a long time at work. This is a massage that eliminates simple muscle pain and stiffness. Massaging muscular system stiffness relaxes individual muscle fibers and releases spasms. The body is completely regenerated, fatigue is eliminated with a feeling of bodily lightness and freedom. This regeneration massage can also be good for joints due to improved blood circulation and balancing of muscle groups.

30 minutes / 60 minutes

Sports Massage

A sports massage comprises of a set of suitable massage strokes that will physically prepare an individual for performance of a certain sport activity or relieve athletes of fatigue and contribute to their recovery. A fast, dynamic and intensive massage performed before or after sport strain. Regenerates and restores physical condition. Removes fatigue substances accumulated in muscles during sport activities. 

30 minutes / 60 minutes / 90 minutes

Tailor-Made Massage

This is a specially designed therapeutic massage, which is, in agreement with the client, compiled according to clients current mental state and health condition from several techniques.

45 minutes

Reflexology Foot Massage

A reflexology foot massage provides a special moment for relaxation after a hard day. This massage positively affects the whole body since there are a large number of reflective points located in the feet and every point corresponds with a certain organ or body part. During the massage, thumb and forefinger pressure is applied to respective reflexology points to relax problematic areas and calm the whole body.

30 minutes

Hand massage

A massage very similar to a reflexology foot massage, where each of the reflex points on the palm corresponds to a certain area of the body and its stimulation takes place in total relaxation. Part of the hand massage is also stretching and light mobilization, which are very beneficial as a prevention of possible problems with carpal tunnels and also serve to alleviate problems with them.

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