Ceremonial sauna

Ceremonial Sauna

The sauna ceremony is something like an experience in a sauna, a theater or a show for sauna clients.

Opening hours of the ceremonial sauna

Sauna ceremonies are held every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Always at 17:30, 18:30, 19:15 a 20:00.

• Sauna ceremonies are included in the price of the basic entrance.

• We reserve 15 minutes before the sauna preparation ceremony and 5 minutes after the cleaning ceremony.

• The names of the ceremonies will be published in the wellness area or at the reception every evening on the day of the sauna ceremony.

• Change of programme is reserved.

What is a Ceremonial Sauna?

The Sauna Master welcomes the participants, introduces himself/herself, and gives basic information about the sauna ceremony, its procedure and length. He/she also mentions the sauna rules and what to do after the sauna. He/she makes sure that everything is as pleasant as possible and also draws attention to the sauna rules in a friendly way and tries to explain them.

If the Sauna Master has chosen fragrant essences and sauna cosmetics for the sauna ceremony, then he/she will mention what specific scents they will be.

Depending on the focus of the sauna ceremony, the Sauna Master selects other cosmetics and aromatherapy for the sauna and can prepare a salt or herbal peeling to apply to your body during the sauna. The ceremony takes approx. 10 to 15 minutes.

During the sauna, he/she can use various background music tracks, light effects or serve refreshments. During the sauna ceremony, “towel waving” is very effective and necessary, where the Sauna Master can swirl the air several times during the sauna by waving a towel around the hot stoves, stirring the hot air in the sauna, and can directing the hot air e.g. towards the clients taking the sauna. This creates hot air waves that intensify the sauna and sweating. If the Sauna Master pours fragrant essences on the stones, swirling the air “distributes” the fragrance throughout the sauna.