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"He who was not a child will never be an adult"

Charles Spencer Chaplin

For the youngest, tiny and small visitors, we have opened a new children's playroom at the Atlantis Hotel. The games room is designed for children of hotel and wellness guests. Children can look forward to lots of toys, kits, a balloon pool, a kitchen with utensils, obstacle courses, but also art activities, animation programs and even an exercise or swimming pool. Part of the corner is a TV for playing fairy tales.

Enjoy your massage, solarium or relax in the beauty salon or sauna and take advantage of babysitting in the children's playroom for your children. 

Supervision in the game room is provided:

Monday-Friday - 12.00-20.00

Saturday and Sunday - 8.00-20.00

Before placing a child for babysitting, please call as soon as possible, it could happen that we have full capacity and we would not accept your child.

Each parent must pick up the child from the playroom no later than 15 minutes before the end of working hours.

Babysitting is from 4 years of age.


Animation programs

During the summer holidays, you can use animation programs not only for children. The programs always take place from Tuesday to Saturday in the morning and afternoon, both in the outdoor area and in the children's playroom.

During the school year, animation programs are tailored to the guests and run from Monday to Friday. 

This service is free for hotel guests and wellness customers.

For kids

Art workshops and creation


Obstacle courses

Canis therapy

Reading and screening fairy tales

Swimming lessons


The capacity of the participants in the animation program is a maximum of 10 unaccompanied children + 5 unaccompanied children.

For adults

We have also prepared interesting animation programs for adults. For example, aqua-aerobics, yoga and Nordic walking. Babysitting is provided during these programs.

Aunt Šárka and other aunts are looking forward to you and especially to your children.

tel: +420 725 792 157

e- mail: detska.herna@hotel-atlantis.cz

Our playroom is intended for children of our hotel and wellness guests. Animation programs are designed for children from 2 years accompanied. Unaccompanied activities can be used with children from the age of 4.

At a time when the playroom does not provide supervision or an animation program, all children must be accompanied by a responsible adult who is fully responsible for them throughout their stay.

The escort is responsible for maintaining cleanliness and order in the games room and sanitary facilities.

We recommend that children wear sportswear and non-slip socks or slippers.

Before visiting the children's playroom, please read the entire operating rules carefully.